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New Store!

I am excited to announce the launch of my NEW STORE!

It is still a work in progress and new items are being added every week.

We can currently only accept payment via PayPal (you can also use a credit card through PayPal) but will be adding other payment methods soon.  We are also still working on shipping methods.  The site is currently set up for USPS Priority Mail shipping which is best for smaller items, but we will also be offering FedEx ground which is more suitable for large orders and heavy items such as tiles in the near future. 

Please contact Claudia Sanchez directly for any of the following inquiries:

  • Businesses wishing for information on wholesale pricing for items shown on her website.  Certain minimums apply.  Not all items can be purchased wholesale.
  • Cat clubs wishing to order a particular existing design in volume for their members.


About the Artist

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Claudia Sanchez with Cat KeiraDiscovering her true passion and inspiration in mid-life, California artist Claudia Sanchez has been painting and creating ever since. Her positive attitude, perseverance, and enthusiasm all add up to one winning combination called Claudia's Cats™!

Two of her loves – color and cats – come together to create her characteristic brightly colored feline artwork.  Almost always inspired by real cats, Claudia’s Cats depict cats and their personalities in various, and often humorous, situations and locations around the world.  Each color-drenched fabulous feline is a character with a story – and sometimes several Claudia’s Cats team up to reveal the full tale.

Self- taught, Claudia uses her own unique mixed media style that she calls abstract realism to create her brightly colored images.  Letting each cat reveal just some of their secret life and story is part of the fun she mixes into the artwork.  And she adds, “My cats always have gold whiskers. They remind me of the sun and light on gloomy days." Take one cat, add pink sunglasses, a dash of humor, and the signature gold whiskers – and that’s a Claudia’s Cat.

Claudia’s Cats have enjoyed being in galleries, exhibitions and shows, and homes around the world for over 15 years.  Whether a cat lover or not, collectors are inspired by Claudia’s passion as an artist and the vibrantly colored Claudia’s Cats with their amazing escapades!