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Simba RESIST•PURRSIST - Cat Art Mousepad by Claudia Sanchez

Simba RESIST•PURRSIST Cat Art Mousepad

$ 15.00

Artist: Claudia Sanchez

Simba RESIST•PURRSIST cat art mousepad by Claudia Sanchez. Neoprene rubber mousepad measures 9 1/4 x 7 3/4 and is available in two thicknesses - 1/4 (standard mousepad thickness) or 1/8 (ultra thin mousepad/housepad). Use the thick pad in the traditional way, as a mousepad with your computer. Consider trying the thin pad as a housepad - an extra large coaster to put your water glass on - or as a centerpiece on your table. These mouse/house pads can be used for hot or cold beverages. They coordinate beautifully with other pieces in Claudia Cats Collection.

About the Art:  Simba was Claudia's beloved American Curl boy cat. His nickname was BAD BOY as he was always getting into trouble. He passed away in January 2016, after a good long life of 18 years. He is the main character in her upcoming book The Adventures of Simba and Sabrina. This is another new piece of art for Claudia's RESIST collection. And the 3rd piece in her new series called United Cats of America.

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