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Ali's Favorite Heels Decorative Ceramic Cat Art Tile by Claudia Sanchez

Ali's Favorite Heels Decorative Ceramic Cat Art Tile

$ 15.00

Artist: Claudia Sanchez

Available in 3 sizes - 4.25 x 4.25", or 6 x6"

Decorative Ceramic Cat Art Tile features Ali's Favorite Heels, cat art by Claudia Sanchez. 

High quality glossy Bison ceramic tile comes without a backing,suitable for use in a tile stand (not included) or for grouting to a wall. For a small additional fee, cork backing or a hardboard backing with a drilled hole can be permanently mounted to the tile so that the tile can easily be hung with a nail and will sit flush against the wall.

About the Art:  Ali was the newest addition to Claudia's real cat family. She was a huge, gray and white fluffy Ragdoll. Though she looked angelic while sleeping, she was the cat boss by day. Her human family knew that she had a slightly mischievous side to her. A very few people thought she was more devious. Claudia never saw that. Almost everyone that met her quickly fell in love with her. Sadly, she passed away in October, 2017 from an extremely rare disease.

About This Image: Ali was seen one day sitting Sperry Topsiders. She really liked them. They were big and roomy. Then, one day she spotted a pair ladies shoes. They were the dreamiest pair she had ever seen... pink and white high heels. They immediately became her go to shoes for play and dates. And, someone lost a pair of shoes!

Made in USA.

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