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Elliot Face Cat Art 1" Mother of Pearl Pendant Necklace by Claudia Sanchez, Claudia's Cats Collection

Elliot Face Cat Art 1" Mother of Pearl Pendant Necklace

$ 35.00

Artist: Claudia Sanchez

This pendant necklace features Elliot Face, cat art by Claudia Sanchez. Claudia colorful cat art is printed onto a 1 square piece of mother of pearl shell, mounted into a silver tone pendant frame. The mother of pearl gives the image an iridescent effect when tilted at different angles. Each piece is unique and the amount of iridescence varies from piece to piece. Pendant comes with an 18 ball chain which can easily be cut to a different length.

About the Art: Elliot is a character in Claudia upcoming book. Despite his sweet face and innocent eyes, Elliot leads an illustrious life. He convinces Simba, Sparkey, and Napper to found the Sparrows, a rock band. Soon after college, he gets caught stealing fish from Fisherman’s Wharf and does hard time at AlCatraz. When he gets out, he vows to change. He and his brother Morris open Fruits de Mer Brasserie. The restaurant becomes a resounding success, and he proposes to his longtime paramour, Purrsie.

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