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Claudia's Cats Collection - Cat Art by Claudia Sanchez

Discovering her true passion and inspiration in mid-life, California artist Claudia Sanchez has been painting and creating ever since. Two of her loves – color and cats – come together to create her characteristic brightly colored feline artwork. Almost always inspired by real cats, Claudia’s Cats depict cats and their personalities in various, and often humorous, situations and locations around the world. 

Claudia’s Cats have enjoyed being in galleries, exhibitions and shows, and homes around the world for over 15 years, and she is excited to announce the launch of her brand new online store filled with cat art and gifts. 

Businesses wanting information on wholesale pricing for items shown on the website can apply for a wholesale account. (Not all items shown are available for wholesale.) Cat Clubs and other organizations interested in ordering an existing or new cat t-shirt design for their members, should contact Claudia Sanchez directly.


- Many of the tiles that have been on my website for years have not been available for the past few months.
- We are taking tile orders again starting September 18. Seven (7) images on 4X4“ and 6X6” tiles will become available. As more become available each week, they will be added to the website. We are hoping to add at least 6 tiles a week. As a tile becomes available again, the purple ‘SOLD OUT’ message will be removed. Be sure to check once a week to see what tiles are back. (A few brand new cat tile images are coming out this week!)
- We will be adding more sizes: 8X8", 8X10", and 12X12” within the next couple of months.
- Tile Turnaround Time Will Remain the Same: Orders for tiles will ship within 7 business days of receipt of your order.
- If you don’t see the tile you want, contact me via my website Contact page or message us using the blue box at the bottom right-hand corner of the page.
- Click here to check tile availability.
Thank you for your patience.

- If you wish to get all of the latest updates, contact me via my website Contact page or message us using the blue box at the bottom right-hand corner of the page. You can leave me a note telling me which tile(s) you are interested in.  Thank you for your patience.