Here are what some happy customers have to say about my art and products. I love hearing from you!  

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August 2022

“I did receive the tile, perfect condition and absolutely stunning, as I knew it would be. I have had one of your tiles for many, many years and it broke in a recent move. Of course, I’ll be gluing it back together, but decided to treat myself to another! Thanks for your gorgeous interpretation.”

Jen R.

October 2021

“I love my pieces, old and new style tiles. I think I have 11 pieces now which I've collected over the years. I spent much time deciding on where to place the pieces in my home. I like decorations in my home, but my eye always seems to gravitate over other artwork to my Claudia Sanchez tiles when I enter or sit in a room. Thank you for bringing beauty into my world.”

Anita M.

June 2021

“Your cats have found a new home in Kona, HI. Thanks to you and BZ for the lovely thoughts.”

Roberta K. S.

April 27, 2018

"Claudia, WOW!!! I received the tiles today and they're beautiful. Just perfect. Thank you so much. I will keep you posted on their progress. :)"

Laurie Miller
DVM Spencer Creek Animal Hospital
St. Peters, MO

April 25, 2018

"Claudia, Both cat tiles arrived today and they are gorgeous! Love, love, love them! Thank you so very much for sharing your talent on etsy! Truly, they are treasures! Have a fabulous day!"

Cathy H.

March 24, 2018

"Dear Claudia,

I couldn't wait to open the package of Napper, to see what the print looked like. Wow, I love it!!! It's perfect. It shipped in excellent condition, and the quality of the art print exceeded my expectations. Then I saw your gift of Chucky LBC print that you included with it.....and I cried. How sweet and thoughtful of you!! I appreciate that so very much, and also feel so fortunate to have the 8x8" ceramic tile with raised outlines of him. Know that these particular pieces of your art have found a very special place to be displayed, in my home. They hold great sentimental value and will truly be cherished. Every time I see them they bring on good memories and I can't help but smile. Thank you for sharing your Gift of Art!"

Melanie W.

March 4, 2018

Hi Claudia.

"I just received the tiles. They are both intact - good job packing them! They are even more beautiful than I imagined they would be. I love them! You are so very talented. Thank you very much!"

Susan V.

September 5, 2017

"The Pendant arrived. I love, love, love my pendant! Thank you."

Angela B


Hi Claudia,

"I am now in possession of all of the fabulous gifts that Kathleen bought from you to give to me. I just love Pierre Tomato Cat. What a great name. My Kayo Garlic Cat t-shirt will go well with my jeans, not to mention the luggage tag and coasters which will be very useful. And we have named the stuffed animal cat with t-shirt on him Tizer. I love what you do it's so different and unusual. I'm so lucky to have a very kind and generous friend like Kathleen. Keep up the good work. Love from the UK."

Christine S.


"Omg it's like dying and going to heaven……I could have bought so much there! (at Claudia's studio)"

Love ❤️from Corbridge, Northumberland, U.K. 🙋😊🐱🐱💕💕💕💕🐾🐾🐾🐾 


"Got the painting late Tuesday. It arrived in perfect condition and looks amazing. Kayo is hanging next to my bed so I can wake up to him every morning. Thanks again for working with us."

Craig T. 


"Hi, Yes - I received the tile about 2 days ago. It came fast! LOVE it! Thanks so much."



"Customer Service, Quality Love your cat pictures and merchandise. I buy from u at each cat show in Santa Rosa "


"Customer Service, Quality Thank You for Your Beautiful T- Shirts ! Your festive art makes this world A Much Happier Place in which To Be ! May God Bless You, Claudia !!! Best Wishes,"

Colette Mahony 


"Customer Service, Quality Everything was right .. love your products and the ones I purchased. I'll be visiting your website , as well. Many thanks for a terrific experience! Hi Claudia!! Thank you so much !! I received the tiles today ALREADY !! I love them ...the girls I bought them as Xmas gifts will love them !! Thanks again,"

Cheryl Pawarski 

December 2016

"My aluminum prints have arrived!!!! They are absolutely beautiful, I can not wait to be able to put up my wall. Little did we know how Zapata would just take off!!!!! I was at a cat show this weekend in San Mateo and happen to go to a Lucky Store to buy water and the teller saw my Ali pendant and asked me was that a Claudia Sanchez piece! She knew your work and had purchased items from you before. Thank You so much and God Bless,"

Mary Riddell
Furreal Ragdolls 

October 2016

"I'm so excited to get the tiles today and have them for the tasting room this weekend! They are stunningly beautiful! And reminded me that I have your Moocher in Butler Vineyard T-shirt from one of my travels to wine country! I'll wear it this weekend! Have a great 4th - keep your pets safe and sound! Thank you again..... Jeanne Cecchi Grey Fox Vineyards Oroville, CA July 2016 Omg. Omg!!!!!!!!!! The tiles are too exquisite! Even my husband, Leo, was stunned. I just can't tell you how beautiful they are. I am just so pleased. Actually I do not think I am expressing how simply gorgeous they truly are. They are simply breath stopping. Not "oh, aren't those cute", but breath stoppingly gorgeous! You are truly an amazing artist."

Joyce Deckman
Hidden Treasures
Kailua Kona, HI 

September 2015

"Hi Claudia, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. My mom just moved in with me and it's been crazy.....I love the tile. I have it up and the colors work perfectly. Thank you for the bother you went to. I appreciate it. It has the most prominent position in the bath which has turned into a kitty bath!"

T. Lebens

April, 2012

"Dear Claudia, Wonderful, thank you very much. Izzat is my husband. I ordered this for a lady who has a couple of your tiles already and is a big fan. She is retiring at the end of the month and I thought this would be perfect."

C. Hamawi

April, 2012

"Dear Claudia, Thanks a bunch! Marilyn received the tile yesterday. She is very happy with it and hung it up immediately! You have been so kind and gracious! Thank you again. I wish you lots more of inspiration and creativity to come! Sincerely,"


April, 2012

"Hi Claudia, We were in Charleston over the weekend and when we got home and the package was on our porch. the tiles are fabulous! The colors are so bright and they are so cool. You've made 3 people very happy and will make 2 more happy when they open their Christmas Nauti-Cat. Thank you so much for signing them all, that makes them special. With your card enclosed, it reminded me that I also have your tile of Bootie. My sister got it for me a couple of years ago, we had a tuxedo cat named Bandit and he looked so much like the tile. I'm getting quite a collection of your tiles! Thank you so much for the tiles and the 'extra' touches."


October, 2011

"Hi Claudia, I will certainly let you know when I get my new tile in the mail. Yes, I would like to be added to your mailing list. You can use the College Station, Tx address. I am excited about the new site! I collect your tiles, and am working to make a wall collage out of them; I currently have 18 pieces of your work. I'll email you a pic when I get my new one in the mail, and have it hung on the wall. I have been wanting the tile I ordered, Sebastian on the Golden Gate for a while now. My cat, a ragdoll is name Sebastian, so being able to own that tile, it makes me think of my Sebastian, taking over the Golden Gate Bridge. Lol Thank you for sharing your work! I'll be emailing you soon I'm sure. Cheers,"

Jill S.

December, 2010

"Hi Claudia! I hope you remember me, Trish Tiura. I bought a bunch of 4x4 tiles from you back in 2007 for my new kitchen island. They are totally amazing! My husband passed away two years ago from ALS and my son and I live in Cuenca Ecuador now. I just bought a house and I am going to enlarge the kitchen and I want to do the same thing down here with your cat tiles! Are they all still available? I look forward to hearing from you soon!"


October, 2011

"Yes! Put me on your mailing list. We are really enjoying our new tile and we have received many compliments on it. Thank you!"

Teri W.

February, 2009

"Dear Claudia,

This is a gift and it is being sent to my sister in law's business address. We bought the same tile last year at "Cold Nose, Warm Heart" in Palm Springs and she put it in her suitcase and it cracked down the center sometime en route. When she came back this year she bought a different tile, but she really loved the other one, so I did a search and we found you. She is so excited - she now will have two of your tiles. They are really lovely and since we are dog and cat people – we consider them very special. Thank you for your beautiful art."


January, 2009

"Hi Claudia, I would love to have the tiles signed! We're remodeling our kitchen and I'm going to intersperse your tiles into my backsplash. I have 4 cats and am a huge cat lover! Thanks. I'd be interested in knowing when your 'coming soon' designs are available! P.S. I LOVE your work!!"

Trish Tiura

October, 2008

"Picked up one of your tiles, (Samantha's Eyes), and a magnet at the cat show in Illinois.... I love it, and I get a lot of compliments on it. It's odd that my first cat's name was Samantha also... I volunteer at a no kill shelter and do foster care for kittens so I see a lot of cat merchandise, but yours really stands out !"

Barbara Kregg

August 2008

"This is absolutely the greatest news. Thank you so much. I bought myself two tiles and gave one away as a present and everyone who has been to my home has fallen in love with them. I will go on your site. My oldest sister who was an artist passed away a year ago and every time I look at my tiles I think of her. She would have absolutely loved them. Again, thank you. Your work is simply wonderful. Best,"

Deborah Scofield

July, 2008

"Hi Claudia. I received the Nauti-Cat tile today and it is beautiful. You are so talented! Thank you and have a wonderful vacation."


July, 2008

"Hello, A few weeks ago I was on holiday in Las Vegas and in a shop inside the Venetian hotel I dicovered your beautiful cat artwork and I instantly bought two shirts (Purrsie's hope) for myself and my friend! I just love your colourful designs and the cats, you really know how to paint them and you really capture them wonderfully!! If you offer a newsletter please add my email address!! Many greetings from overseas. (I live in Germany.)"

Nicole Helfrich

"Hey,girl, When will you mail my new tiles? You are a dear and thanks for you talent which is tremendous and your kindness which is wonderful."


May, 2008

"I just need to take the time to let you know how beautiful your work is. I received a tile for Christmas from my mother-in-law who lives in Boston. ( I live in West Palm Beach, Fl) It was the Samantha Eyes one. I love it!! I am very interested in purchasing others. I really liked the one on the website in the coming soon section. Can't wait. Thank you for your time."

Shelly Farrell

January 2008

"Dear Claudia, I recently lost my dear cat who missed living 16 wonderful years by a week. I received two lovely gifts in his memory. One was your small tile of a cat in a blue teacup, the other was a 12 x 12 tile of just the cat face. Both are absolutely gorgeous and I love them. Thank you for enriching our lives with your fantastic pieces. You are truly blessed with a great talent."

Gail Carroll
Valdosta, Ga.

March, 2007

"Thank you for your email. I adore your artwork; it is so beautiful, and brings pleasure to everyone who view it --- I have a wall full of tiles of your work in my family room, and all who see it are amazed at how beautiful it is --- your newest tile of the scottish fold with the ears down is a "ringer" for my kitty Elvis --- thank you for creating such gorgeous work - it is indeed enjoyed! I will continue to look forward to new work on your web site. Yours truly,"

Sue and the Little Dudes

Hi Claudia,

“I just wanted to say thanks for such beautiful work. I was in Florence Ore and found a cute little shop that had these great tiles with cats on them. I bought a few that were my favorites; a couple to give away and one for myself. I was so pleased with my purchase...Then I came home and a friend asked me to pick up some dog food for her. I went inside the vet’s office and there were the beautiful tiles that I saw in Oregon. I asked about them and was totally surprised to find you live in the same town I do. Anyway, I found your web sight and have had a wonderful time looking at all your different pieces. You do beautiful work.” Sincerely

Anita Smith

April 6, 2006

“Hi! I just want to congratulate you on your superb talent & creativity, not to mention how great it is to see so many cats in their glory!! Someone whom I don't know, just told someone who I DO know, to send your link to me, as I'm an animal rescue person (no organization, just little ole' me!). I have 8 cats & a german shepherd. I adore cats & it's always nice to see another person who can truly appreciate all they have to offer! I wish you ongoing success with your business, & tons of fun with every cat you meet! “

Roxy B.

April 18, 2006

"I have purchased many items designed by Claudia Sanchez and there is such a unique quality and beauty about the pieces and am very thankful to have found them and learned about the artist."

Irys S.
Sunshine Controller NCN Electric, Inc.

August, 2005

“I absolutely love your work. I have four tiles that I bought in North Carolina. Are any of your original works available on tile still? Also do you do special commission pieces? I have three cats that I would love to have lasting memories of with your style of painting. The use of color to show the beauty of the animals is incredible!! Thank you for the beautiful work and taking the time to respond to my email.”

Sarah Patterson

Dear Claudia,

“Barkley is awesome! I have him in the kitchen and he makes me smile every time I come around the corner into that room and spot him. He is such a job to me.”


Sept. 8, 2004

"Hi Claudia, That is just gorgeous! I hope the people that you made it for love it too. They should!"

Christine Domingo
(in regards to “Moocher in Butler Vineyards” painting)

May, 2004

"Claudia, Loved the pix! You have captured me like no one else has to date (who knew that I would be a media star...must have picked the right back porch to sit on and adopt the owners!) This is so exciting....can't wait to see you again!” Moocher, herself All for Moocher (Butler Vineyards) “Jeff forwarded your email to me at work this morning so I could see the picture. I love it. It is beautiful!!! I am looking forward to hearing all of your ideas tomorrow morning. Moocher is looking forward to seeing you too!!! I am so glad you took on this project. I am just loving it!! She will look so beautiful over our fireplace.”

Mary Butler

May, 2004

“Moocher is absolutely beautiful. Her eyes are amazing, and the colors are spectacular. I am thrilled and wouldn't have you change a thing!!! I love her. You have done a great job and it was well worth the wait.”

Mary Butler