Return Policy

Most of Claudia's products are custom made to order within 48 hours of your order being received. Therefore, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges.

If a tile (or other item) arrives broken or damaged, or if the wrong item was shipped, please contact us within 48 hrs of receipt. Attach a photo of the damaged or incorrect item in your email. We will replace it soon as possible.

Please note that some degree of color variation is normal on most products. This is true for tiles, aluminum prints, T-shirts, prints, and many other items. It is what makes your item unique. Minor color variations are not considered a defect and are not an acceptable reason to return an item.

We have a separate return policy for Made to Order shirts - please see below. 



We want you to be satisfied with your order. Therefore, we are happy to work with you to make things right if you are not happy. In most cases, we will replace the defective garment simply by receiving a photograph showing the problem. Valid reasons for requesting a replacement garment are listed below.

Changing to a different size or color are not valid reasons for return, so please check the size chart for the garment you are ordering, before you finalize your order. 

Please notify us of your problem within 48 hrs of receipt of your order. For the fastest resolution, email us and attach a photograph showing the problem. Please be sure to include your full name, address, phone number, and the order number, along with a description of the issue. In rare instances, we may ask you to send the garment back to us. Do not return an item to us without contacting us first.  

 Valid reasons for requesting a replacement shirt include:

  • Poor Quality Printing

Poor quality printing is a print that is too light, too dark, or one that looks muddy. The normal tolerance is 15%. If the print is more than 15% too light, too dark, or too muddy, we consider that a defect. Please compare your printed garment to the picture shown on the website. While it will not look exactly like that image, (computer screens can vary greatly), it should look similar. Keep in mind that each shirt is printed individually, one-at-a-time, and may look slightly different from the next. That is what makes your garment unique. 

  • Defective and/or Damaged Garments

A defective shirt is one that has a tear or hole in it, or a bad seam. Damage may consist of ink that accidentally got on the garment in the wrong place, a shirt that is irregular in some way, or a print in the wrong location. 

  • Wrong Garment or Print

If you did not receive the brand, style, size, or color that you ordered, let us know.

If you are unhappy with your order for any other reason such as the brand, style, color, or size that you ordered, we cannot accept responsibility, and we will not be able to replace your shirt for free.

However, are offering you 15% off on your reorder of the exact same design, if placed within one week of receipt of your original order. Contact us to get a discount code for this situation. Have your original order number ready.

NOTE:  Before placing your order, be sure to carefully read all of the information we have provided you about the garment you want to order including: shirt description, style, and fabric descriptions. Also, check the material content, and please refer to the applicable size chart to make sure that you are ordering the right size in the garment you have chosen. Regardless of what the garment description says about the "fit", check the size chart yourself! We have given you all of the information that we have about each garment.  

Proceed with extreme caution when opening your package. The shirts are packed very tightly inside an opaque plastic bag. It is extremely easy to accidentally slice the garment inside the bag, when opening it. (We know this, because we have done it!)  We cannot replace a shirt that you accidentally cut when opening.