Claudia Sanchez Gallery


New Media Art (2017 - Present)

Claudia creates nearly all her art using advanced computer techniques called ‘dynamic digital art’, which includes computer generated painting. The technique is also called 'integrated art’, which includes ‘multimedia art’ and ‘hybrid digital painting’. She finds these methods of creating extremely exciting and challenging. She never knows exactly how the piece is going to turn out, and it often takes several attempts to create an outcome that she can expand upon. For now, she is not attempting to use the newest/latest technology available to create VR, animation, or 3-D modeling. It is extremely complicated and time consuming to learn, and it would take her away from what she enjoys doing most – painting cats.

NOTE: New Media Art is a metaphor for the evolution of pure art forms made in ancient periods into brand new art forms, born of modern technology. This new type of art includes art designed and produced by people and their computers. New technology including computer programs, text and voice commands, and various other techniques are used to create brand new art forms, digitally. This rapidly evolving technology includes VR, AI, animation, 3-D modeling, and more.