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About the Artist

Claudia Sanchez, Cat Artist

Discovering her true passion and inspiration in mid-life, California artist Claudia Sanchez has been painting and creating ever since. Her positive attitude, perseverance, and enthusiasm all add up to one winning combination called Claudia's Cats™! 

Two of her loves – color and cats – come together to create her characteristic brightly colored feline artwork. Almost always inspired by real cats, Claudia’s Cats depict cats and their personalities in various and often humorous situations and locations around the world. Each color-drenched fabulous feline is a character with a story – and sometimes several Claudia’s Cats team up to reveal the full tale.

Self- taught, Claudia uses her own unique mixed media style that she calls abstract realism to create her brightly colored images. Letting each cat reveal just some of their secret life and story is part of the fun she mixes into the artwork. And she adds, “My cats always have gold whiskers. They remind me of the sun, and bring me light on gloomy days." Take one cat, add pink sunglasses, a dash of humor, and the signature gold whiskers – and that’s a Claudia’s Cat.

Claudia’s Cats have enjoyed being in galleries, exhibitions and shows, and homes around the world for over 25 years. Whether a cat lover or not, collectors are inspired by Claudia’s passion as an artist and the vibrantly colored Claudia’s Cats with their amazing escapades!

Artist Statement:

I believe that I have optimized the use of my design education along with my artistic talent to create a unique painting style. Color motivates me tremendously, and in my everyday life, I am always noticing the color around me. Color is the most noticeable feature of my artwork – along with gold cat whiskers!

I love painting abstracts. However, early on in my painting career, I realized that most people needed to identify with a subject matter. That was when I began to combine my love of cats with my ‘style’ to create brightly colored, abstract cats.

Add to that a positive attitude, extreme perseverance, and a lot of enthusiasm. Conversely, art is what gets me through life’s many challenges.

My mission is this:
--To make myself and other people happy when they see my art.
--To provide those who love it with a way to own it. To that end, my work is offered on a variety of products in my studio in Santa Rosa, CA; and online in my Shopify store, and in stores around the globe.

Claudia's Cats:

Anderson C., is a gorgeous Ragdoll, born October 9, 2018. He technically belongs to Claudia's husband, Joe. Or, should we say, they both belong to him. He wants to be everywhere that they are, likes being petted, sits on laps, and loves to lie on his back and stretch out. He has gorgeous blue eyes, and the softest fur.

Red Romeo, a Red Spotted Tabby British Shorthair born December 29, 2018 is the newest addition to the Sanchez Family. He is very handsome with great markings and a perfect Brit face. He is a very mellow, mild mannered boy. However, he is also a bit sneaky. He only does the things he shouldn't, when he thinks nobody is looking.  Unfortunately, he hates being held. He is just warming up to sitting next to Claudia on the sofa, sometimes. Maybe someday...  However he is a great traveler. He never complains. 

Meet Claudia's Past Cats.  They are all together now, playing in Kitty Heaven.







In Memory of KEIRA SANCHEZ  (August 2007-July 2018)

Keira passed away on July 7, 2018 from nasal lymphoma. What a horrible shock it was to find out what I thought was a cold or allergies was actually cancer. I am so heartbroken. Two losses, way too close together. 

She loved attention and affection from everyone. While not really a lap cat, she wanted to be petted constantly, and all attention focused on her. After Ali passed, she truly loved being the only cat for the last 9 months of her life. 


In Memory of ALI SANCHEZ  (November 2010-October 2017)

Sadly, Ali passed away on October 20, 2017 from a rare disease called Chylothorax. She was not quite 7 years old. We miss her so very much. 

She was strong-willed, playful, and lived for fine feline dining. She had a huge appetite, and was always sniffing around her food bowl. Her favorite other pastimes included chasing a particular mouse toy, and patiently awaiting nose-rubs, as long as they were expertly applied. 

Last but not least, she was the cutest cat ever. 

Ali Sanchez

Ali's Last Days


 In Memory of SIMBA SANCHEZ  (January 1997 - January 2016)



In Memory of LUCY SANCHEZ (May 2007 - November 2007)


 In Memory of SABRINA SANCHEZ  (October 1996 - April 2007)


Sabrina and Simba, loved each other so much!

Simba and Sabrina, Best Friends



In Loving Memory of:  Keira 2007-2018, Ali 2010-2017, Simba 1997-2016, Lucy 2007-2007, Sabrina 1997-2007