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Cats for the Cure

Cats for the CureTM is a special collection of cat art that I started working on right after I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. My first piece was done in 2006, and every year since then I have painted at least one cat with a ribbon (or bow tie) around its neck. The cat images are then placed on prints and other types of products to be sold. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these items goes into my Cats for the Cure TM fund. At the end of every year, all of the money I have raised that year is donated as follows:

  • For breast cancer research including prevention, treatment, and cures
  • For feline disease research in the areas of FIP, HCM, and cancer to UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Cats are chosen by me for this purpose — and I can also be commissioned to paint a particular cat for a specific cause. Other cancers that effect people will also be considered for future portraits.

These products fund Cats for the Cure TM. Show your support by buying one!

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