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Claudia's Favorite Links

SOCK FIP'S MISSION:  Save Our Cats and Kittens from Feline Infectious Peritonitis. (SOCK FIP) is a volunteer non profit organization dedicated to eliminating Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) through advocacy, community education and financial support for UC Davis-CCAH FIP Research.

  •  Call of the Wild Cat Fanciers Cat Club, Santa Rosa, CA USA
Home Page - Call of the Wild Cat Cat Fanciers 
Santa Rosa Annual Cat Show Information -
  • The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc.  (CFA) -

Scottish Fold Breeder, Sue Weitendorf – contact her via email at:

 Friends of the Roman Cats, helping save feral cats in Italy and the U.S…

Humane Society of Sonoma County…

Forgotten Felines – Works with feral cats to set up feeding sites at the location of the colony. The cats are fed, watered and monitored after being trapped, tested for FeLV, ear tipped, vaccinated, and altered.    NEW! Good Samaritan Clinics.  Also, Pick of the litter Thrift Store, 1701-A Piner Road, Santa Rosa, CA

PAWS for Love

Annual Fundraising Event, Ellyn Boone - "One of Wine Country's most spectacular fundraising events, Paws for Love offers an evening of fun, food, fine wine, and Valentine memories to cherish, with all proceeds benefitting homeless and abused animals of Sonoma County and the North Bay…


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