Meet Claudia's Current Cats

Anderson C.

Anderson is a gorgeous Ragdoll, born October 9, 2018. He technically belongs to my husband. Or, should I say, we both belong to him. He wants to be everywhere that we are and follows us around the house when not snoring loudly in a deep sleep or taking a quick catnap. He loves to be petted and sits on both our laps. His favorite position is on his back, completely stretched out and vulnerable. He has gorgeous blue eyes, and the softest fur. He is a love bug.

Red Romeo

Romeo is a handsome British Shorthair, specifically a spotted red tabby born December 29, 2018. He is the newest addition to our family. He has the perfect Brit face and markings. Romeo is my cat, but one would never know that. He seems to prefer my husband. He is low maintenance, extremely skittish, and does not like strangers. Ironically, he is sneaky. He does things that he shouldn’t do when he thinks nobody is looking. He refuses to be held but likes to be petted — on his terms. 

Meet Claudia's Past Cats

They are all together now, playing in Kitty Heaven

In Loving Memory of:  Keira 2007-2018, Ali 2010-2017, Simba 1997-2016, Lucy 2007-2007, Sabrina 1997-2007

In Memory of Keira Sanchez

(August 2007-July 2018)

Born in late 2007, Keira was our third American Curl, and a calico. She looked much like Sabrina, our first cat, but the similarities stopped there. Not a lap cat, she wanted to be petted constantly and have all attention focused on her. Favorite pastimes included hiding in cardboard boxes, eating socks, and trying to eat computer cords.

Keira passed away on July 7, 2018, from nasal lymphoma. It was shocking to find out that it was so advanced that we were going to lose her just weeks later. We were heartbroken. She was our third loss in three years.

In Memory of Ali Sanchez

(November 2010-October 2017)

Ali became a member of our feline family in March 2011. When I first saw her, it was love at first sight. My husband said, “No more cats!”; however, he gave in within a month. She was so irresistible! Ali was a Ragdoll, and our first cat straight-eared cat. Her most prominent features were her bright blue eyes, glossy fur coat, and large size. She was strong-willed, playful, and soon became the Alpha cat. Simba had aged and decided to bow out of her shenanigans. She lived for fine feline dining. Favorite pastimes included chasing a particular mouse toy, and patiently awaiting nose-rubs—if they were expertly applied.

Sadly, Ali passed away on October 20, 2017, from a rare disease called Chylothorax. She was not quite 7 years old. She was a family favorite and is truly missed.

In Memory of Simba Sanchez

(December 1997 - January 2016)

Our second American Curl, Simba, was a smokey red tabby. He was born in Spain in 1997. He needed a new home after accompanying his sister on the trip from Spain to her new home in America. We happily took him in. He was a very feisty and passionate feline. He loved Sabrina from the start. We called him our Spanish Lover Boy. But he quickly earned a second nickname, Bad Boy, based on his juvenile delinquent behavior in his younger years. He was the smartest cat we ever had, and lived a long, full life with us for over 18 years. During the last years of his life, he sat on my lap every night.

In Memory of Lucy Sanchez

(May 2000 - November 2007)

Lucy came to us in the fall of 2007 when she was only four months old. She was a sweet, loving Scottish Fold kitten whose registered name was ‘I Love Lucy’. The name was truly fitting. She was so cute and sweet that people would remark, “Oh, I LOVE Lucy!” upon meeting her for the very first time.

We thoroughly enjoyed Lucy’s mellow demeanor over the next two months. One late October day, she became lethargic. The local vet thought that she had a kitty flu. A few days later when she became sicker, I took her to the Small Animal Clinic at UC Davis Veterinary Hospital. Within days she was diagnosed with FIP and succumbed to the fatal disease. I know that she would agree that her six short months on this earth were filled with lots of love. Read her full story here.

In Memory of Sabrina Sanchez

(October 1996 - April 2007)

Sabrina was my first cat. I met her in March of 1997, when I was a vendor at a cat show, selling my feline art. I had already been painting cats for three years. While perusing the cat show, I met and fell in love with Sabrina and her twin sister, Dinah. They were beautiful, calico American Curls. I asked myself how I could continue to paint cats if I did not have one myself? Upon trying to pick one, I was told that one was named Princess, and the other was named Dinah–short for dynamite. I picked the Princess, of course! We soon renamed her Sabrina, as we didn’t want that name going to her head.

In the spring of 2007, after an eight-month battle with a very aggressive form of cancer, she lost her life to fibrous sarcoma. The irony of this story is that she saw me through my diagnosis of breast cancer and all my cancer treatments in 2005 and 2006. She was the love of my life, and my true soul sister.

Simba & Sabrina in Love