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Claudia's CAT DAYS OF SUMMER SALE - JULY 2017 at Backstreet Gallery

Please join me for a fun month of Meet and Greets with 2 gorgeous cats, and a very special summer clearance / inventory reduction / you-name-it Sales Event. I have tons of inventory that just needs to go!  I have to make room for new art and products. With less than 200 sq. ft. of space in my studio, I am totally crammed.

I would like to give you all the opportunity to take advantage of this situation and purchase the things you love at excellent prices - up to 70% off!  (Some items are at or below my cost.)  I am spreading out and using the entire gallery from July 7-22 for this event so that you can see it all! This may be the last time you you can purchase my tiles with raised outline, Bobbo products, and popular t-shirts - all at lower than normal prices. 

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