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Meet sweet Whitney and her beloved cat Huckle! Whitney wears her Garlic Cat T-Shirt!

Meet sweet little Whitney, the 5 year old daughter of a fabulous veterinarian! She is modeling her Kayo t-shirt with her beloved cat Huckle, a Kayo, (Garlic Cat), descendant. (He is Kayo's great++++++ grandson.) Huckle is a cream and white straight-eared Scottish Fold. In the 1st pic she cuddles her new, stuffed (cat) animal, who also sports a Kayo/Garlic Cat t-shirt. In the next photo, Huckle plays with his favorite garlic toy from her cooking set! And last, we see Whitney hanging out with adorable Huckle.

Whitney and Huckle with Garlic Cat Toy

Whitney with new stuffed orange kitty. Both wearing Garlic Cat t-shirts.



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