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Tile Information and Use Policy

Decorative Ceramic Cat Art Tiles - Made in the USA

Claudia’s line of merchandise includes beautiful ceramic tiles featuring her colorful cat art. Tiles provide a brilliant “canvas" for her artwork. Tiles are printed one at a time, and each is an almost exact replica of the original artwork from which it was derived. Colors may vary slightly from the original art, as printing on this substrate is going to look different from printing on paper, aluminum, or canvas.

Almost all images are available in 4.25 x 4.25", 6 x 6", 8 x 8", and 12 x 12” sizes. A few are 8X10” size only. Tiles are available with or without backings. The fine art tiles we offer in this section have a smooth glossy surface. These are decorative tiles intended for display purposes to be used in stands or frames, (not included), or to be hung on the wall with the hardwood backing that we offer. Use them as coasters and trivets, with caution. Scratches may appear after repeated use. Water will not harm them.

Putting anything abrasive against the glossy surface will cause surface scratching. Very fine swirl lines are completely normal and may appear on the surface of glossy tiles. The tile itself is not damaged, and these fine lines are not considered flaws or defects. Clean your tile with a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaner. Water will not harm the tile. Do not place your tile in direct sunlight.

These tiles are not intended for use in home remodeling projects. If you are interested in tiles for backsplashes or other home remodeling projects, Contact Us to discuss special order options. We do have another option. Never use these tiles on floors, countertops, or for any exterior application.

TILE NEWS: In the near future, we will be adding a new tile product that can be used for murals and other indoor home improvement projects requiring the use of un-sanded grout. If you wish to know more now, Contact Us.