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Angel Kitty Cat Art Tile by Claudia Sanchez, Claudia's Cats Collection

Angel Kitty Decorative Ceramic Cat Art Tile

$ 15.00

Artist: Claudia Sanchez

Angel Kitty Decorative Ceramic Cat Art Tile by Claudia Sanchez

Available in 3 sizes - 4.25 x 4.25", or 6 x6"

Decorative ceramic art tile features Angel Kitty, cat art by Claudia Sanchez. Angel Kitty was a long-haired, colorful Scottish Fold that belonged to a friend of the artist. Sadly, that friend died of cancer, way before her time. Ironically, this painting was done well before that. Angel Kitty serves as a reminder and tribute to all of our dear friends who have passed over Rainbow Bridge to the other side.

High quality glossy Bison ceramic tile comes without a backing,suitable for use in a tile stand (not included) or for grouting to a wall. For a small additional fee, cork backing or a hardboard backing with a drilled hole can be permanently mounted to the tile so that the tile can easily be hung with a nail and will sit flush against the wall.

Made in USA.

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