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Claudia Sanchez

Angel Kitty Aluminum Cat Art Print

Angel Kitty Aluminum Cat Art Print

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Aluminum Art Print features Angel Kitty, cat art by Claudia Sanchez, available in 8x8 or 10x10 size.

Dye infused aluminum prints are Claudia newest artistic medium. The image is infused directly into the surface of the metal using a special dye process which results in a durable print with vibrant, radiant colors.

No need for framing - your aluminum print comes ready to hang with a  shadow mount on the back. The shadow mount allows it to stand out about 1/2 from the wall, giving it a clean, modern, 3 dimensional effect.

About the art: Angel Kitty was a colorful, long-haired Scottish Fold. His owner passed away after a bout with cancer. Luckily, before that, she got to see this painting. Angel Kitty serves as a reminder and tribute to all of our dear friends who have gone over the Rainbow Bridge, to reunite with their family and friends - furry or not!

This design is part of the Cats for the Cure TM Collection dedicated to raising breast cancer and feline disease awareness. Learn more about Cats for a Cause.