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Claudia Sanchez

Moocher in Butler Vineyards Aluminum Cat Art Print

Moocher in Butler Vineyards Aluminum Cat Art Print

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Aluminum Art Print features Moocher in Butler Vineyards, cat art by Claudia Sanchez, available in 8x8 or 10x10 size.

Dye infused aluminum prints are Claudia newest artistic medium. The image is infused directly into the surface of the metal using a special dye process which results in a durable print with vibrant, radiant colors.

This print is available on your choice of a white or silver metallic background for the art. The white background produces brighter, bolder colors, true to the colors used in Claudia original art. The silver metallic background produces slightly softer colors but with a shimmering modern metallic effect. Both are beautiful, it is simply a matter of personal preference.

No need for framing - your aluminum print comes ready to hang with a shadow mount on the back. The shadow mount allows it to stand out about 1/2 from the wall, giving it a clean, modern, 3 dimensional effect.

About the art: Moocher is a character in Claudia upcoming book. Moocher inherited Butler Vineyard in the beautiful Napa Valley. Now, she runs the family business with an iron paw and expands her wine empire by purchasing the nearby Furcrest Vineyard. Her business acumen has made her numerous enemies, but Chianti, Furcrest Cellar Master, always stands by her.