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Claudia Sanchez

Sabrina, EcoCat - Cat Art Luggage Tag

Sabrina, EcoCat - Cat Art Luggage Tag

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Sabrina, EcoCat, art by Claudia Sanchez, is featured on this durable luggage tag. Bag tag measures 4 x 3 and is made of 3mm thick rigid plastic. The back is personalized with your name, address, and/or phone number. Tag comes with a rubber strap for attaching to your bag.

About the art: Sabrina is a character in Claudia upcoming book. Sabrina, a beautiful calico American Curl with a distinctive beauty mark on her cheek, is kind, compassionate, and idealistic. As kittens, she and her brother Simba travel to Hawaii, where she first meets many soon-to-become, lifelong friends. Two of those friends are: straight-laced Kauhi, and resident bad boy Chucky, both of whom vie for her affections. After studying at the Cat Fashion Institute in New York, she comes back to CA. Kauhi soon proposes, which catches her off guard. She can't accept, now, and breaks up with Kauhi. They are both upset and confused. She has a big secret that she needs to forget or confess.