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Claudia Sanchez

Abby Coffee Cat CBB 8x10" Decorative Ceramic Cat Art Tile

Abby Coffee Cat CBB 8x10" Decorative Ceramic Cat Art Tile

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Abby Coffee Cat CBB 8x10" Decorative Ceramic Cat Art Tile by Claudia Sanchez

Our high quality, glossy ceramic tiles are intended for decorative use only.

The default backing is drilled hardboard. However, you may select a different option from the BACKING Drop-Down Menu. The cost difference is minimal. 

  1. 8X10" tiles are also available without backings.
  2. We suggest using the drilled hardboard backing on them for safety and stability.
  3. When you order an 8X10” tile with a drilled hardboard backing, it comes with a D-Ring (or comparable) attached to the back. If you only plan to put your tile on a flat, horizontal surface, (instead of hanging it), you do not want to have a D-ring attached to the back because it will prevent it from laying flat. Be sure to write "No D-Ring" in the NOTES section when you check out.

ABOUT THE ART:  Abby, AKA Coffee cat, is a character in Claudia upcoming book. Abby is a wise old tabby, known and loved by the residents of Kaanapali Beach. By day, she runs Abby’s Coffee Shack. And by night? Well, it’s rumored that she might be Maui’s mysterious Mercat.

Made in USA